Hi, I'm Susan.

I help businesses use data to tell stories and grow revenue through quantitative marketing.

I've founded a few companies including Triggit and Votes for Students. Triggit was a venture capital backed ad:tech play, helping big brands like Booking.com, Home Depot, and Walmart use data to serve personalized ads.

Sporting is my addiction. Especially playing with risk and gravity: skiing, kiting, and big bikes.

I love connecting with epic people.

Be Awesome.

Things that aren’t ‘The Thing’

Triggit sold 6 months ago.   It’s an odd feeling to sell the company you founded.  Missing the team with whom I spent hundreds of hours, releasing the stress, and letting go.  I grew up with Triggit, it defined my twenties.   What started as two kids trying to break into Silicon Valley became a […]

What the Best Bosses can learn from Big Mountain Ski Guides

As seen on Fortune: (http://fortune.com/2015/01/11/what-the-best-bosses-can-learn-from-mountain-ski-guides/) To be a great leader, first strive to be an amazing guide. Too often folks perceive leadership and promotions as the power to be bossy, or to micromanage their teams every moment. As a 24 year-old founder of an advertising technology company, in an industry and space completely dominated by older men, I […]

Describe the company culture and office environment at your business

Our concrete floors were painted red (by us) and there was no trim along the edge of the drywall.  Every piece of furniture was procured off Craigslist free.   The art came from searching for the word “Red” on Flickr and Costco Photo Center ($3.99 for a 16x20 print!).   We bought good computers, but our offices […]

What is your leadership philosophy?

If you hire great people, give them great ownership, believe in them, and push them, you can really build something special.     This expectation in greatness, and the belief that if you’re on my team, I know you can do it, has been truly incredible to watch at Triggit. One gal joined as our Office Vibe […]