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What the Best Bosses can learn from Big Mountain Ski Guides

As seen on Fortune: ( To be a great leader, first strive to be an amazing guide. Too often folks perceive leadership and promotions as the power to be bossy, or to micromanage their teams every moment. As a 24 year-old founder of an advertising technology company, in an industry and space completely dominated by older men, I […]

How are you an innovator, game-changer and ground-breaker?

I am jock.   I love sports and sporting.  I played D1 soccer in college on scholarship and now love extreme things like kitesurfing, big mountain skiing, downhill mountain biking, anything with gravity.   But though I spent the majority of my childhood on sports fields and now require something extreme on every vacation, I’ve also always […]

The Day My Avatar Stopped Hurting

I used to be an athlete who lived in pain.  Trainings during my D1 soccer years would leave me crying because my shin splints hurt so bad.   My shoulders existed in a constant state of ache and my back would give out to an extent that the guys at Triggit would simply ask how my […]