Easy Conversations Rule.

Isn’t it awesome when you have a first conversation with somebody and it just flows?   You spill your life story to them in minutes, an hour passes in the blink of an eye, you find them wicked smart and completely engaging. 

I had a fantastic breakfast this morning with Fred McIntyre, CEO of Awe.sm that was just that, awesome.   Fred has a tremendous past, he is hugely charismatic, asked all about me (who doesn’t like talking about themselves!) and is somebody I can’t wait to follow up with and someday work with.   

Cheers to the art of great conversation and my a couple of my favorite bits: 

  • A willingness to let the conversation steer itself.  Tangets are a good thing!   And it’s always trivial to steer back from said tangent once its been explored. 
  • A real interest in the other person, and a willingness to listen to their story. Understanding perspective goes a long way in understanding the motivations of that that person.  Fred got me blabbing all about me this morning, next time I’m turning the tables on him 😉 
  • A belief that if somebody is awesome, that in itself is enough.  It’s highly likely that your paths will cross again, and a deep conversation (or two!) goes in a low way in cementing that connection. 

Thanks for the great breakfast Fred!  I look forward to our paths crossing again.  Hopefully sooner then later 😉 


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