What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from being an entrepreneur?

A few of the many things this life journey in entrepreneurship has taught me:
  • Just start.    Your first idea will almost certainly not be your last.   So get going already!
  •  You’ll know when you’ve found something that could achieve hockey stick like growth.   Don’t lie to yourself trying to convince a failing product to succeed.
  • When it is crowded and nobody is noticing you, try to find a find a space where you can dominate.   From this bulkhead you create an amazing foundation.
  • Execution matters.  A lot. Facebook didn’t invent social networking, they just beat Friendster, Orkut, MySpace, Tagged, Tribe, etc.
  • Hire great people.   And ideally a few experienced ones who can become great mangers and help you scale.
  • Yes, there is a boys club out there.   And it is annoying from time to time.  But your business plan and your ability to create something that has real value (and ideally real revenue) is the most important thing.
  • Have fun.  Life is short.  Life is fragile.   And the world is pretty awesome place.
— A few weeks ago I was honored by Fortune as one of the worlds 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.   Before this selection I was asked to answer a few questions.  I penned my responses at MaiTai Cabarate (an entrepreneurs / tech folk kitesurfing camp) knowing a session at La Boca was waiting.   I won’t say these blurbs are my best work, but I think the spirit they were written in captures the essence of how I think. Question 1: Why did you start your business Question 2: How are you an innovator, game-changer and ground-breaker?


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