What is your leadership philosophy?

If you hire great people, give them great ownership, believe in them, and push them, you can really build something special.     This expectation in greatness, and the belief that if you’re on my team, I know you can do it, has been truly incredible to watch at Triggit. One gal joined as our Office Vibe Manager and would start every time I said her name.   We needed some help with sourcing and I think she was scared shitless of reporting to me.   And man was I tough on her.  But my mantra day in and day out was “Girl, you can do this! You’ve got it!”.   She’s now my lead recruiter.  Her confidence is amazing to watch.   She has become a fucking rockstar. It’s not easy to solve hard problems.  If it was, everyone would do it.   And sometimes experience is necessary and does get you there faster.   But sometimes, you can believe and push and motivate a really young person and just watch them level up again, and again, and again.   We’d don’t have a lot of attrition at Triggit, just a lot of people taking their careers and lives to the next level. — A few weeks ago I was honored by Fortune as one of the worlds 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.   Before this selection I was asked to answer a few questions.  I penned my responses at MaiTai Cabarate (an entrepreneurs / tech folk kitesurfing camp) knowing a session at La Boca was waiting.   I won’t say these blurbs are my best work, but I think the spirit they were written in captures the essence of how I think. Question 1: Why did you start your business Question 2: How are you an innovator, game-changer and ground-breaker? Question 3: What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from being an entrepreneur?


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