Describe the company culture and office environment at your business

Our concrete floors were painted red (by us) and there was no trim along the edge of the drywall.  Every piece of furniture was procured off Craigslist free.   The art came from searching for the word “Red” on Flickr and Costco Photo Center ($3.99 for a 16x20 print!).   We bought good computers, but our offices became cool out of extreme resourcefulness. Today, our offices are bigger, they have that creative brick and timber feeling, but the carpet could definitely use to be replaced. And we’re still cheap with furniture.     But every day at noon the lunch bell rings and the entire staff sits down to eat lunch together.  Sitting down to eat together daily is expensive, but Triggit has become a family by sharing our lunch at the same table.  There is gossip, and weekend planning, but then you hear the conversations about a client problem, or a new product idea, or a new contract signed. We’ve grown to be a profitable company in part by our resourcefulness. But really we’ve succeeded by empowering our teams and taking amazing care of our amazing people with the right kind of ‘stuff’. —- A few weeks ago I was honored by Fortune as one of the worlds 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.   Before this selection I was asked to answer a few questions.  I penned my responses at MaiTai Cabarate (an entrepreneurs / tech folk kitesurfing camp) knowing a session at La Boca was waiting.   I won’t say these blurbs are my best work, but I think the spirit they were written in captures the essence of how I think. Question 1: Why did you start your business Question 2: How are you an innovator, game-changer and ground-breaker? Question 3: What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from being an entrepreneur? Question 4: What is your leadership philosophy?


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