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What is your leadership philosophy?

If you hire great people, give them great ownership, believe in them, and push them, you can really build something special.     This expectation in greatness, and the belief that if you’re on my team, I know you can do it, has been truly incredible to watch at Triggit. One gal joined as our Office Vibe […]

What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned from being an entrepreneur?

A few of the many things this life journey in entrepreneurship has taught me: Just start.    Your first idea will almost certainly not be your last.   So get going already!  You’ll know when you’ve found something that could achieve hockey stick like growth.   Don’t lie to yourself trying to convince a failing product to succeed. […]

How are you an innovator, game-changer and ground-breaker?

I am jock.   I love sports and sporting.  I played D1 soccer in college on scholarship and now love extreme things like kitesurfing, big mountain skiing, downhill mountain biking, anything with gravity.   But though I spent the majority of my childhood on sports fields and now require something extreme on every vacation, I’ve also always […]