Things that aren’t ‘The Thing’

Triggit sold 6 months ago.   It’s an odd feeling to sell the company you founded.  Missing the team with whom I spent hundreds of hours, releasing the stress, and letting go.  I grew up with Triggit, it defined my twenties.   What started as two kids trying to break into Silicon Valley became a company with tens of millions in revenue, amazing customers, innovative technology and an incredible team. I look forward to writing about that journey very soon.
So ‘what is next?’  I don’t know.  It’s the big beautiful field with endless possibility and few answers.
I’ve started the journey of discovery, thinking, meditating, being.  I’ve also started more formal practices including courses, structured exercises, and lots and lots of reading.   One course is Seth Godin’s Course for Freelancers. I’ve started to do a bit of consulting and I’m both loving it, and unsure of it.  Seth’s course has been wonderful in facilitating getting thoughts on paper, and into the wild.
Seth Godin’s Question of the Day:  Make a list of things you can deliver.  Things that aren’t ‘The Thing’.
  1. Presence & Mentorship.  I love helping people make awesome.  Especially if they're young & wicked smart.
  2. Strategy, not tactics.  It’s not just about checking things off the list.  First you have to build the right list.
  3. Confidence & Authority.  I’ve now been a start-up executive for a decade. That is crazy.
  4. Opps, I’m Wrong. To learn what doesn’t work is as important as what does. Let’s correct quickly and move forward.
  5. Hustle, Hustle, Hustle.  But don’t be a fraud. Frauds suck.
  6. Be not a lemon.  Push back. Make better business.
  7. Business is Business. Leave the personal at home and let's raise a pint at the end of the day.
  8. You have an incredible story.  Tell it in an incredibly compelling way.  Especially in recruiting customers and teammates!
  9. So you want to climb Mount Everest.  When do we start?
  10. I love the game, but I refuse to cheat.  Honesty matters.
  11. When in doubt.  Go sporting!
I’m having a blast exploring the possibilities and welcome all into this journey.  I  would love your feedback, advice, and guidance as I seek to find what I should do or make ‘next’.  


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